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It might seem like an odd move for a man whose previous social critiques didn't go much further than declaring Cold Stone Creamery the epicenter of American greed.But turns out Aziz has some surprisingly poignant, and unsurprisingly hilarious, things to say on the subject of love."The whole idea of love is scary -- so is being with someone for the rest of your life and being happy with them for the rest of your life.

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Still, never has the bloggeur pairing of I and Molly come to the levels of the Josh Stein – excuse me, Joshua David Jew Stein – article in this weekend’s Page Six magazine. I admire Stein for entertaining me, I admire Gould for dating him so that he can entertain me. As someone noted to me, “no one comes out good in this article.” On the other hand, Emily Gould’s fiery good looks will carry her even further, and I kind of enjoyed her YA book, Hex Education.gould Gould’s Gawker tenure was marred mainly by n 1 hit pieces and her usual sterling writing and hilarious observations.Its ending was a little unsatisfying, although Keith Gessen can be very impactful. ) but it was full of carefully worded tales about cooking for your boyfriend.In the past, people weren’t looking for something boiling; they just needed some water.Once they found it and committed to a life together, they did their best to heat things up.

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